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A film that questions expected representations of dyslexia by confronting the mainstream. Created from the unique perspective of a filmmaker with dyslexia.

An experimental poetic documentary, with performative and personal elements. Inspired by Georgie’s own experiences with this specific learning disability.

With this film, we wanted to breakdown preconceptions about dyslexia and show that there is no 'type' of person with a disability. We also wanted to explore this issue within both the text and construction of the film, achieved through its experimental sound and imagery.

The film is currently in its festival run, it has so far been shown at:

Lift Off Global Sessions

Five Lamps Films

Watford Short Film Festival

St Andrews Film Festival

Maine Student Film Festival

Nexus Film Awards

Minikino Film Week

Business Disability Forum Film Festival

It was a top ten finalist at Lift Off, won the Jury Prize at St Andrews, was nominated for Best Editing and won Best Documentary at Nexus Film Awards, and is a top three finalist at the Business Disability Forum Film Festival.


Teaser - Caelan

Teaser - Primrose




No Guesses Found will be released Autumn 2019.

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